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Victory Temple Church

306 E. Broadway

Lenoir City, Tn. 37771




P.O. Box 13

Lenoir City, Tn.




10:30 A.M.











Upcoming Events


Caleb Joseph McDonald, Age 5, August 2007 and was prayed for during our student blessing service


Caleb Joseph McDonald today with his dad, our web master

Christopher McDonald; The power of prayer works for our children! Caleb is a straight A+-student, and now sophomore

at Hardin Valley Academy!


October 22-29, 2017

Times To Be Announced

Teresa Davis In Revival



The Lord healed this man of blindness during

a recent meeting with Prophet Martin

December 31, 2017

Miracle Eye Service Times TBA






Photo: Kairos Photography




God healed this little girl (4 years old) of blindness in her left eye when Prophet Martin prayed for her! The next day she said, "Mom, your eyes are green..." Her mother said, "how do you know my eyes are green?" She said, "Because I can see them."


Winston Sooknan , 75 years old, blind for five years. God healed his eye when Prophet Martin anointed him with the blood of Jesus oil. God has no respecter of persons when it comes to blind eyes! He respects FAITH! Blind people from the ages of 4 years old to 75 years old.






Still Going Strong- Pastor and Mrs. Woody Martin

56 Years Together THIS December 10, 2016!


Prophet Martin preached on healing and

prayed for everyone in the service who had any type of eye problems


Pastor Martin and Willie Mae Ball At VTC's 35th Anniversary Service

Willie Mae Received Her Sight At VTC'S First Ten Years Ago


God Does It Again! This Dear Saint Came In Blind  After Pastor Martin Prayed For Her She Proclaimed She Could See!


This young lady had eye problems but also "Turret's" Syndrome.

The Lord performed a "right now" miracle on this dear soul


Luke 4:18 - The Lord has anointed me to preach the gospel....and for "the opening of sight to the blind."



Praise Is The Atmosphere At Victory Temple Church!

Victory Temple Church: The Place Where The Prophets Speak



Happy Birthday!

  • Pastor Martin birthday is May 14

  • Sister Peggy is July 21.

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